Golden girls teach… great GAME

Together, they represent more than 200 years worth of pinochle strategy and expertise, and they’re passing that knowledge on to students at Vale Middle School.

The Golden Girls –as nicknamed by the students – are Joanne Roner, Gert Delong, Christine Goettshe, Donna Kelly, Irene Christ and Donita Olsen. Each week they can be found at the school, dealing out the decks and adding up points, helping a new generation learn the game.

“I wanted to come up with something for the students that took them away from technology for just one hour a day,” said Vale Middle School teacher and organizer of the event Angela Lattin. “We decided to teach games that could be games for their whole life. These are the types of games you can play when the family goes out camping and there is no Internet service for miles.”

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